Zombicide Compendium #1


This is a hardbacked A4 sized 92 page book that comprises of 31 new scenarios, 2 mini-campaigns and a designers note on meta-gaming for fun. They’ve been designed by not only the staff at Guillotine Games, but also by various members of the public as part of a contest.

Of the 2 mini-campaigns that were created, 1 was done as a reward for those that backed the game on Kickstarter, Switch City, while the other, Boomtown, was created specifically for this compendium. The various scenarios range in difficulty from easy, to medium, to hard and are an extremely varied collection, some being quite carefully thought through, while others are fun, but seem a little thrown together.

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Guild Ball Pitch’ing and Moaning


Staying with the theme of crowdfunding, Steamforged Games took a step towards redemption today with an update on their Guild Ball play mat.

Guild Ball was funded on Kickstarter and fair do’s to them the miniatures that turned up are great. The game is kind of a cross between a skirmish battle and a Blood Bowl style sports experience, with teams from various Guilds playing a violent form football.

So you’ve got some brutal looking manics ready to play ball, now you need a pitch right? Cue the Indiegogo campaign to give us game mats to play on.

Sounds ok so far, what happened next?

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Fireteam Zero – A Kickstarter of Heroic Baddassery


One of the companies I think are nailing Kickstarter at the moment are Emergent Games. The product in question is Fireteam Zero, a game described as “a fast and furious cooperative boardgame of brutal squad tactics versus a relentless onslaught of horrifying foes.”

A lot of Kickstarters are teases. They get you all excited at the time and you’re shoving money in their under… oh wait, sorry that was some thing else… what was I talking about? Ah right, yes, Kickstarters.

So what is it I think they’re doing right?

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Games Day 26/04/2015


Here’s some photos from the Guerrilla Gamers UK mini games day  held at Coffee at 37. It was a brilliant day, with great friends new and old and we got a great selection of games in.

We started off with some Star Wars X-Wing Hunger Games action. Alliances were made as we all headed for the rumble in the middle and the chance to grab some loot. Shots were fired and it didn’t take long for ships to start dropping. The final victory, in true Hunger Games style, went to 2 tributes, Mark Jones and Paul Anderson, who both blew each to bits!

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Vampire Hunters on Kickstarter


Dark Gate Games hits Kickstarter with their vampire slaying game.

A cooperative boardgame for 1-4 players, which at 1st glance looks a bit like Blade meets Zombicide… where do I sign up?!?

Take the role of a hunter against vampires!

Players must work together to complete 10 different missions, with 10 different maps (made using the included modular maps tiles), using many powerful weapons and their special abilities. 

Stay together to increase your attack and defense strength, be precise, be strong, but most of all be fast, because the night is coming.

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X-Wing Wave 7 Sighted


As Prince Vultan would say, Wave 7… diiiiive!

The 1st wave 7 pics are out and like a moisture farmer choosing droids, the community is giving them a mixed reception.

The pics surfaced at the Star Wars Celebration in California, where Fantasy Flight have previewed the 4 ship line up:
For Rebels: the K-wing
For Scum & Villainy: the Hounds Tooth and the Kihraxz fighter
For the Empire: the TIE-Punisher

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Neon Sanctum on Kickstarter


Having recently backed FAITH: the Sci-fi RPG, I’m liking the look of this new breed of card/rpg hybrids.

Neon Sanctum is a card based RPG set in a unique world where the post apocalypse and cyberpunk collide. This world takes inspiration from films such as Blade Runner, Dredd and Ghost in the Shell as well as games such as videogames such as Shadowrun Returns and The Last of Us.

Cards are used to represent all the things players would expect in a traditional roleplaying game (RPG). A character’s skills, their cybernetic implants, their equipment and even the enemies they meet are all brought to life with beautiful cards.

The game uses a fixed deck distribution model where the players receive all the cards they need to play the game. There is no random element, but the game is modular so new cards can be released as fixed sets and slot into your game easily.

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Ninja All-Stars on Kickstarter


“Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them.”
– Jarius Raphel

Master say, “Jon-son, you no need new ninja game. You already backed ninja game that is not made yet and still on way.”

Master was right, I backed Rise of the Kage which appears to be sneaking along nicely. But this one looked cool, you actually compete with the other players in this one and I like Soda Pop Miniatures, maybe Master would understand…

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Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame on Kickstarter


If you’re into computer gaming, you may recognise this as the tower defence game from Robot Entertainment.

Wait a minute, you mean it’s a board game to computer game right? Everyone knows that’s which way round it works!

Nope, Sandy Petersen (the Cthulhu bloke) has decided that if they are going to take Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, then we’re damn well going to take some stuff back!

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Pulp City: Supreme Edition Has Landed!


The Pulp City: Supreme Edition Kickstarter funded on the 1st of March 2014 and I’m super happy to say, it’s here!

On the coast of California lies the most exciting city in America. In this place aliens rub shoulders with ancient gods. Robots join forces with those born with strange powers and fantastic abilities. It’s a place filled with heroes and villains, where everyday men and women live side by side with Supremes.

This is Pulp City. Pulp City is playground where all your favorite 80’s action movies, comic books, and cartoons collide. It’s a setting perfect for crazy battles and thrilling heroics. Dastardly villain and large than life heroes are all part and parcel. So if you love any of the above or all of it together you should be in Pulp City.

Pulp City is heroic 32mm Skirmish game where you the player take control of a Team of Supremes and lead them into battle against rival Teams. Pulp City allows you to live out your favorite action movie moments, destroying buildings, throwing cars, saving the innocent, or just pummeling others into the ground.

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