Games Day 26/04/2015


Here’s some photos from the Guerrilla Gamers UK mini games day  held at Coffee at 37. It was a brilliant day, with great friends new and old and we got a great selection of games in.

We started off with some Star Wars X-Wing Hunger Games action. Alliances were made as we all headed for the rumble in the middle and the chance to grab some loot. Shots were fired and it didn’t take long for ships to start dropping. The final victory, in true Hunger Games style, went to 2 tributes, Mark Jones and Paul Anderson, who both blew each to bits!

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Vampire Hunters on Kickstarter


Dark Gate Games hits Kickstarter with their vampire slaying game.

A cooperative boardgame for 1-4 players, which at 1st glance looks a bit like Blade meets Zombicide… where do I sign up?!?

Take the role of a hunter against vampires!

Players must work together to complete 10 different missions, with 10 different maps (made using the included modular maps tiles), using many powerful weapons and their special abilities. 

Stay together to increase your attack and defense strength, be precise, be strong, but most of all be fast, because the night is coming.

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X-Wing Wave 7 Sighted


As Prince Vultan would say, Wave 7… diiiiive!

The 1st wave 7 pics are out and like a moisture farmer choosing droids, the community is giving them a mixed reception.

The pics surfaced at the Star Wars Celebration in California, where Fantasy Flight have previewed the 4 ship line up:
For Rebels: the K-wing
For Scum & Villainy: the Hounds Tooth and the Kihraxz fighter
For the Empire: the TIE-Punisher

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Neon Sanctum on Kickstarter


Having recently backed FAITH: the Sci-fi RPG, I’m liking the look of this new breed of card/rpg hybrids.

Neon Sanctum is a card based RPG set in a unique world where the post apocalypse and cyberpunk collide. This world takes inspiration from films such as Blade Runner, Dredd and Ghost in the Shell as well as games such as videogames such as Shadowrun Returns and The Last of Us.

Cards are used to represent all the things players would expect in a traditional roleplaying game (RPG). A character’s skills, their cybernetic implants, their equipment and even the enemies they meet are all brought to life with beautiful cards.

The game uses a fixed deck distribution model where the players receive all the cards they need to play the game. There is no random element, but the game is modular so new cards can be released as fixed sets and slot into your game easily.

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Ninja All-Stars on Kickstarter


“Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them.”
– Jarius Raphel

Master say, “Jon-son, you no need new ninja game. You already backed ninja game that is not made yet and still on way.”

Master was right, I backed Rise of the Kage which appears to be sneaking along nicely. But this one looked cool, you actually compete with the other players in this one and I like Soda Pop Miniatures, maybe Master would understand…

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Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame on Kickstarter


If you’re into computer gaming, you may recognise this as the tower defence game from Robot Entertainment.

Wait a minute, you mean it’s a board game to computer game right? Everyone knows that’s which way round it works!

Nope, Sandy Petersen (the Cthulhu bloke) has decided that if they are going to take Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, then we’re damn well going to take some stuff back!

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Pulp City: Supreme Edition Has Landed!


The Pulp City: Supreme Edition Kickstarter funded on the 1st of March 2014 and I’m super happy to say, it’s here!

On the coast of California lies the most exciting city in America. In this place aliens rub shoulders with ancient gods. Robots join forces with those born with strange powers and fantastic abilities. It’s a place filled with heroes and villains, where everyday men and women live side by side with Supremes.

This is Pulp City. Pulp City is playground where all your favorite 80’s action movies, comic books, and cartoons collide. It’s a setting perfect for crazy battles and thrilling heroics. Dastardly villain and large than life heroes are all part and parcel. So if you love any of the above or all of it together you should be in Pulp City.

Pulp City is heroic 32mm Skirmish game where you the player take control of a Team of Supremes and lead them into battle against rival Teams. Pulp City allows you to live out your favorite action movie moments, destroying buildings, throwing cars, saving the innocent, or just pummeling others into the ground.

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Guillotine Games Announces Zombicide: Black Plague

ZombicideBlackPlague (6)

You’ve barely finished nailing planks over the front door and now some ones left the bloody side gate open and they’re round the back!

From Source

Zombicide Season 3 landed with most of us in the UK last week and Guillotine Games are already at it again! Confirming that the cards they teased a few days ago weren’t a cruel April Fools and are in fact from Zombicide: Black Plague. Fingers crossed we get a zombie dragon. Continue reading…

7th Sea Game Master’s Guide Review


I’ve already got a book that looks like this with Player’s Guide written on the front. What’s the point of this one?

The 7th Sea Games Master’s Guide is basically the second half of the 7th Sea rulebook. You get all the basics in the Player’s Guide, but you’ll really need both books to run the game. This book is crammed with useful, if not essential stuff, which has been broken down into four major sections with an appendix at the end. There is also a bit called Points of View at the start of each section. No, it’s got nothing to do with the TV program about people whining, it’s a story set in the 7th Sea world and is great for getting into one of the intended themes of the game.  Continue reading…

7th Sea Player’s Guide Review

Trask opened the heavy oak door and stepped in to the crowded warmth of the Black Diamond Inn. As he removed his drenched cloak he looked around the smoke filled room and said, “Which one o’ you dogs shoved me in the canal?”


The room went silent as everyone turned to see what was going on. Trask continued, “Whoever it was came in here after they’d done it, cause’ I saw the door closing as I was clambering out” The other patrons of the inn looked around the room waiting to see if anyone was going to own up… someone did.


“It was I who gave you a bath, but I didn’t expect you to come and thank me for it amigo.” Came a Castillian voice from one of the inn’s side alcoves. Trask looked over, but the shadows were heavy and the smoke in the air made the figure a dark shape at best.


“The only thanks I’ll be giving will be to the undertaker for doing a good job on your coffin.” said Trask as he took a squelching step forward further into the room. “Now tell me your name, unless you want a blank stone to mark your grave.” Trask dropped his hand to the pommel of his sword and hoped that whoever this was would apologise and back down. He was in no real mood for a fight, but even he had a reputation to maintain.


The figure stood up and moved into the chandelier light of the inn. “I am Inigo Montoya, four days ago you held up a wagon train carrying my bride-to-be, Theresa Quinn. I have come to find her, and the other items you stole. If you give them back now, I’ll ensure your death is swift, if you not… bad things will happen.” With this Inigo drew his rapier and assumed the Aldana swordsman stance.


“The items I took from you belonged to a merchant in Freiburg, who had his barges attacked by Castillian thieves. Thieves who, coincidentally, bore an uncanny resemblance to the guards protecting your wagon train. As for the woman you claim was your bride-to-be, I left her unharmed in her coach. That was until she begged me to help her escape your clutches and send her back home to Avalon.”


Trask could see the rage building in the man standing before him. Sometimes it wasn’t good to push someone too hard, but most of the Castillian sword techniques required concentration, and with rage controlling his movements his opponent should be at a disadvantage. That was the plan anyway.


“Your lies won’t save you Inish pig! I’m going to make you beg for your life and bleed in ways you never imagined.” With this he dropped his carefully poised stance and ran straight at Trask.


Trask quickly drew his sword and calmed his breathing. This should be interesting he thought, ‘bleeding in ways he’d never imagined’ sounded like a change from the usual night of drinking and gambling with the locals. Besides, he liked the look of the Castillian’s boots and his own were still full of canal water.


The 7th Sea Players Guide contains most of the rules you’ll need to run the game as well as loads of background, but you’ll want the GM’s guide as well before you start playing. First lets get one thing straight, this is not the pirate game you may think it is. Although 7th Sea gives you the ability to play pirates, you’ll probably get more out of it if you surrender to the games true style of adventure, exploration and intrigue.

7th Sea is set in a land called Theah, which is much like Europe. It is set in a time when swordplay and quick wits are the order of the day. It’s about a golden age of exploration and discovery, where wealth is there for the taking if you have skills, courage and a little luck.

Not everything is marvellous though. Religious wars have ravaged several of the countries and the process of rebuilding always takes time and hard work. The turmoil of recent years has also affected the populations of many nations, which has led to each faction developing it’s own mixed views and opinions of the other kingdoms.

Chapter one is the Primer. It gives you a quick rundown of Theah and gives you a bit of information on what the game is about. This chapter also gives you a rather nifty set of quick start rules. These are expanded on in the later sections, but still do a good job of letting you get a feel for the game. This is a good example of a well-made crash course guide to a game. It’s quick enough for the players to glance through before playing and informative enough to give anyone a good idea of the setting they’re in.

At the end of this chapter (in a weird chapter limbo) there is a glossy colour section with a picture and some flavour text for each of the seven nations. This is great for giving players a quick taste of each nation without making them read loads. Also, does the Castillian King look like a certain “Titanic” film character or is it just me? The Cardinal looks a bit like Fox Mulder as well, but I’m not going to argue this point.

The second chapter has, among other things, a section on Syrne ruins. These are the ruins of an ancient civilisation and are a source of great interest to scholars and explorers, who still know very little about their origin. In game terms though, they give you a great excuse to go and do some Indiana Jones style exploring.

The third chapter is about creating your character. This is relatively easy and you just have to follow steps they’ve laid out for you. It is done by dividing up points among things like skills, advantages, backgrounds and knacks. Your character will also have the option to be a swordsman or a magic user if you want. The swordsman characters will have been trained at a school at some point in their life and will more than likely have access to some cool moves when they get into a fight.

Skills in 7th Sea have been broken down a bit and when you buy a skill you also get several knacks (sub-skills) with it. The skill athlete for instance will get you four knacks, which are climbing, footwork, sprinting and throwing. This works well in the game and gives your character a wider range of skills to draw from.

Chapter four is where the quick rules you were give earlier are built on. Details on damage have been expanded in this section and you will find that although your characters are not invincible they are pretty tough. This game has after all been designed to encourage a heroic style of play and killing heroes is bad form. Skills are tested by rolling over a target number, which player’s can increase if they want that to achieve a more impressive level of success.

All in all if you want a good swashbuckling game then this is for you. It has a rich setting that just screams out for courageous heroes to do battle evil villains and their minions. The fact that it allows this to be done in a courtly intrigue style or as furious race helps to keep the game fresh. The film-like style of play is very appealing as well. Especially if you’ve been wading through games that require you to make agility rolls every time you want to do anything above jogging. After all, it’s good to slide down sails and swing from chandeliers every so often.

So, if you’re ready to show the unknown what you’re made of and find lot’s of treasure on the way, 7th Sea is the game for you!