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Wednesday Night Gaming!
Wednesday 12th August 2009
By Jon Simpson

We've been playing in Martin Dye's Dark Hersey adventure for a few weeks now where we've been despatched to a world ripped apart by war. What began as an uprising against oppression by the local population ended in the deployment of the Imperial Guard and a brutal conflict ensued. Based in the worlds only hive city, our role is to tackle anything deemed to be beyond the Imperial Guards pay scale, so basically if it smells like a Heretic or a Daemon, call us.

The GM:
Martin Dye

The Players:
Chris Young – Assassin
Gareth Loxton – Adeptus Arbite
Jon Simpson - Cleric
Phil Potter – Imperial Psyker

Following several reports of bodies being found with their heads torn off our investigations began. It smelt like evil psyker activity to us, so taking our usual heroic approach we recruited a load of hardy, well armed Imperial Guard Veterans and began sniffing around.

Several gaming sessions, loads of dead bodies and a couple of dead player characters later we have tracked down the Daemon to a host body. Sadly the host body is currently being carried through the war torn and hostile streets of the hive by a large angry mob of devoted cultists. Our only method of combating this evil lay in getting a priest we'd borrowed from the church close enough to the host body to exorcise the Daemon.

This is where tonights session will be starting…

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Warhammer & 40K Stuff:

Tyranids and Blood Angels
7th February 2010
By Jon Simpson

Tyranids and Blood Angels have been standing shoulder to shoulder (chitin to ceramite) on my paint station this week. I’ve been trying a few new speed painting techniques to try and pick up the pace a bit and get more of my models up to a tabletop standard.

For the Tyranid paint scheme I’m going for Hive Fleet Kraken. This starts with an all over coat of Bleached Bone, then I’m painting all the chitin, claws and talons with Mechrite Red and washing the whole model heavily with Brown Ink. I’m not sure how well this is going to go on the bigger models, but I’m really pleased with the results on the Hormagaunts I’ve done so far.

For my Blood Angels I've gone with a Skull White undercoat, followed by a coat of Blood Red. I’m then painting Chaos Black rims on the shoulder pads and Dark Angel Green in the eyes. Bolters and Backpacks are being done with Chaos Black and a dry brush of Boltgun Silver on the metal bits. After a sepia ink wash, to give some definition to the lines and dull the red down a bit, they’re all done.

I'm hoping this approach will work quite well both in the short and long term. I’ll be able to get my figures painted and out of their birthday suits fairly rapidly, while also preparing them for me to add on the details at a later date.

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